Sunday, September 4, 2011

Journey to the North

Journey to the north has always been tiring to me especially when i was little. Other than going back to hometown to collect angpow, there's really nothing much i look forward to. the weather of Alor Setar is really unbearable, and everywhere is infested with giant mosquitoes. However, the people all lead a very simple lifestyle, hassle free i would say. unlike the city folks, always have to worry about the mega sales going on in midvalley. Recently, I don't feel the journey of going back to the North is tiring anymore. People change overtime, so do I, and I wonder why. Probably here is the place where all the 3 of my siblings were born, changed me to a better school student, a better rider, a tough Ironman, and also a better man. It reflects my past.

this time around, whole family went up to the north including Lok Ku Phor (6th Grandaunt) who just came back from Australia. Jun Win will be leaving for Russia soon, so this trip is sort of his farewell visit to the elder generation in Alor Setar. Members of my family tree come from all walks of life, yea I do have relatives living in poverty. My grandfather was poor but never poor in being helpful. Being honest and straightforward, he was never successful in business. All thanks to the good deeds he has done, today his children all are very successful in life. My father and my both my aunts, have brought up the living standard to the next level.

6th Grandaunt has always been generous to 3 of us, one incident which i will not forget in life...
being a kid, toys were my utmost priority. I have always wanted a Digimon which i can stop dreaming from getting it from parents. so during one of her visit to our house, she left 3 Digimons in our room. the joy she brought to us, was very meaningful to me.

Hijau Kuning Warnaku, Darul Aman Negeriku
looking at the tree house, I was a little impressed by their creativity and silently hope that my countryman will make good engineers in the future=)

Ethan's first time trapping bird
I had the greatest 2.5 months in Penang, and I've recorded every single day of my life in heaven in this little blog. I missed everybody in Penang, especially when i was struggling to gain back my fitness throughout the one month military training. So here I'm back to Seaview, meeting my super nice landlord Alvin, and Michael's very loving family. I spent time sharing thoughts and feelings with Alvin, and of course listening to advices from Michael and Jasmine. All in all, I'm back here enjoying my short stay.
On the other side, my friends in seaview are mostly PIDC students. they are suffering in my little heaven. they're all struggling to pass their finals. So Rangsum Tempur is their best choice of food, easily prepared and ready to eat.
I'm wishing all PIDC friends the very best of luck in your finals.

Pain of exams is temporal, joy of holiday is forever=p

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