Sunday, August 28, 2011

Love Letter to Schwalbaby

From Ultremo ZX to Ultremo R1.

Dearest Ultremo R1,

your sibling ZX served me for less than a year, but i suffered 3 punctures out of 10 rides in Penang. I have an important race in September, u are a factor which will either deliver a stellar performance or heart breaking ending. when i'm riding on the bike, i hope i need not to bring spare tube especially during sprint races, i hope i can trust u. I read so much of good reviews on your sibling, but it just disappoints me. I pray that u serve me well, protect me from puncture and flats, and outshine your contenders. Schleck brothers did well in Tour de France, they chose u because u are light in weight and provide good grip when come to corners. other tires can go up to 110psi, but I'll pump u up to 145psi make u bloat sexily making all other riders' eyes glued to yr curves=p U are born to race, not to ride at the back of Peloton! I'll bring u up to speed, accelerate on flats and extremely fast descend when come downhill. I'm not some rich guy who bought u to show off during mass start, my hard earned money spent on u is to assist me in scoring my goal. clinch well and together we rock and roll! I hereby announce my engagement with my fiancee Schwalbaby R1=p

Chan Jun Shen
3 Times Ironman Finisher.

for 3 successive years I've completed Ironman.
3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run. People always say, the moment u crossed the finishing line of world's toughest sport the Ironman , u get to brag for the rest of your life. Somehow this video touched me and put me down to earth.

Dick towed his son Rick during the 3.8km swim, carried his son on the bike for 180km, and pushed Rick throughout the 42km marathon. I feel very humble every time watching this video.

Team Dick and Rick Hoyt

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