Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow RM9.50
I was out with Michael to have the best CKT in Malaysia. only available in Penang, this has become the trademark and one of the places that u must go before u die. tell u what, they loosen the kuew teow by pulling it out piece by piece, and each plate must have 5 juicy giant prawns. this CKT old lady chef is very unfriendly, and mean. she was frying a plate of CKT, but not ready to be served yet because lack of one prawn. but the boy who works for her didn't know and straightaway brought the plate to customer's table. she turned back and started yelling at the boy, whole shop went quiet. her daughter tried to back him up, ended up she was beaten up by that old lady, many many times. all because of a prawn.

u can see how high the quality of Penang CKT. No tolerance when come to hawker food's quality control.

sometimes when everything is ready for me to learn, I just refuse to make good use of the opportunity to improve myself. may be it's just human nature to have the thirst for challenges.
yesterday I followed Michael and Jasmine to survey shop lots for their new private school. the meeting with agent was an interesting experience for me. people always misjudge me as a secondary school kid, even relatives always thought Jun Win is the elder brother. since God gave me this young and evergreen look, I feel grateful and will make full use of it=p
this very fierce big dog was growling at me when i went near.
alright, back to the story. after shaking hand with agent, i went in. the shop smells like stinky urine. it used to be a pet shop. had a nice chat with the previous tenant, and i talked in Hokkien! my Hokkien isn't that fluent, but understandable and good enough for me to communicate. the tenant shared with me lots of secrets. we were avoiding the agent so that he doesn't eavesdrop. agent wouldn't think that I can be a good information extractor because of my outlook. according to him, a lot of shops already closed down, one after another. Immediately i went to Michael and told him to hold on before agreeing to rent. we both went to shops nearby to ask locals the main reason of shops closed down. because of strong competition between restaurants, the less competent ones have to bow including my favorite Mega mee! there's nothing mysterious or scary happened in that area. However, Raja Uda being the black area of penang, still shadowed by the gangsters despite many years of development. today's mission accomplished, shop lot rented.

now i see the need to learn more about properties. thank god it is still not too late.

later went to sister Nema's house. she loves Ethan very very much. she got the very loving and kind look, but she can also be very strict when Ethan make mistakes. character like her is very important in Ethan's life. same goes to my Aunt, she has never ever scolded me but she successfully turned me into a good student. when she came to visit my Penang heaven, everybody asked me "is that the Aunt that helped u a lot?"
here in Penang I see the challenge of becoming parents bringing up playful kid. is a good chance to learn before having kids. Michael and Jasmine always say my parents successfully disciplined me. I just hope he could see me being lazy and hopeless.
high performance food for exams.
Jasmine Michael Alvin Ethan and I went to Sunway Carnival to get high performance food. Ethan's wish to play shooting with me at the arcade wasn't fulfilled coz the guards asked us to evacuate the building due to leakage of poisonous gas. we walked out very slowly as if nothing happen. haha. in this incident, I believe the military can do a better and faster job.

Later on we had Lok Lok at Chai Leng park. the Lok Lok is at the very left end of whole stretch of hawker stalls. so I ran to the very right end of the stretch to get Dry Hokkien Mee, not for me. when i got back to the table, they started singing the same lame song
"shi shang zhi you chanjunshen hao"

Ethan was so excited to cook with mess tin and solid fuel. it was 12am in the morning! he insisted to cook, i was worried that he can't wake up for school the next day but he said "I will force my own self to wake up tmrw". since i have made the promise, so i have to fulfill his wish. whole family was out at the balcony looking at him cooking instant mee hoon with "military style". he was so happy, and we shared the mee hoon together. he was so excited and said the mee hoon tasted good when the mee hoon is actually very spicy. he doesn't eat spicy food. kids are just innocent and naive.

Little Ethan=)
last night's earthquake didn't scare me at all. the building was swaying back and forth and i felt a bit dizzy. the Ethan's parents called me telling me that they will evacuate. I told them I have confidence with the civil engineers who built this little heaven of mine. I wasn't worried of death as I believe i have brighten up many friends' life in Seaview. Live life to the fullest, no regrets =)

the person I trust so much told me the very first lie =p

Falling for u =)

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