Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to make your own harness

actually i wanted to post about making snares and traps, after thinking of it, I've decided to write about harness which can saves life instead of snares which kill animals.
many years back I mastered skills to trap animals especially birds, and I set up lots of traps near my grandma's house. the very main reason why i stopped trapping birds is because I saw a bird's thigh was tied to my trap, with blood and feathers on the ground. where's the body? i have no idea. i felt really really bad. One day i might need this skill for the sake of surviving in desperate condition, at that time I will trap for animals, not now.

Let's learn how to make bowline first.
Firstly get yourself a rope which can stand your body weight.
1. make a loop
2. the other end of the rope will enter the loop

3. make a U turn at the other end of the rope

This is a bowline=)
I'll explain later why we need bowline.

Now, here is how to make yourself a harness.
Make 2 loops.
Follow the red and green arrow.
pull both loops to cross one another at the same time.
it should look like this.
then tighten up the knot by pulling both loops.
be sure to have allowance for another 2 small loops (blue)
step 1. green and red enter their own little loop at the bottom
step 2. follow the blue arrow, pull hard.

self made Harness
both legs enter the loops and attach harness to the bowline. bowline should be from the main line which is fastened to the anchor.

Simply tie knots can be risky as the knot might slip when u repel down a slope. this harness is safe enough to guarantee u safely repel as long as the rope can stand your weight. bowline will NEVER slip, combining both will be a perfect choice to carry u down the cliff.
In survival condition, rattan will be a good option. U don't want to wear a harness which made of rattan full of thorn, so peel off the skin before using it as a rope. peel off the skin a little bit, then step on it skin, next pull the rattan slowly. is the easiest way to get rid of the thorn.

make sure your shoe sole is thick enough before stepping on the thorn.
the old rattan is harder to make loops but it has got high elasticity, good for making snares.
so make decision before chopping off rattan in the jungle.

Morning room inspection, thank God no pick ups.

I've been doing hard trainings back to back every night, left thigh start to feel a little sharp pain.
so tonight will be my rest day. one of the reasons why I train so hard, is because I couldn't sleep. try to make myself tired so that easier for me to doze off.

friendship is like anchor and harness, either one fails will end everything.

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