Thursday, August 18, 2011


since small I've been listening to this song. because this is father's favorite song.

2 days back, attended a talk on Ethics on Research. the speaker brought great impact to the audiences. He is an academician with very good soft skills, handled all the killer questions thrown by my lecturers in a very diplomatic way. One thing impressive about him, his speech was packed with facts and wisdom. Most academicians lack of the ability to deliver an influential and persuasive speech to convince the people especially when come to fields not related to their expertise. because they know too much, they dare not talk nonsense. Politician talks on every topic, but they are good in nothing.
Jack of all trade, master of none.

Academicians talk about facts and figures, military people tells life experiences.
UPNM cadets will earn both after many years of training.
Jack of all trade, master of all.

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