Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cadets Art of Secure - Change Parade

after 2 long peaceful weeks, finally our poor attitude annoyed the officers.
i've been waiting for this time since last week. cadets need to be punished, and the only way to rapidly cultivate cooperation is by giving collective punishments.

all for one, one for all
this can be very demoralizing for the good cadets, they obey orders but get punishment. demoralizing or not, that's none of my concern. some people in my intake just too stubborn and give the rank holders headache every time we parade. this morning we were late for 10 minutes, I can feel the anger of my officers standing in front. after about 10minutes of scolding, here comes the long awaited "change parade".

what is change parade?
the main purpose of change parade is to train cadets change each uniform in 3 minutes time. we will sprint all the way up to the block and strip while running up then get changed to the next uniform as per the order he gave. Normally when cadets are not punctual, change parade will be given. In a big group, there will be surely cadets who come down late after changing uniform, so those early cadets will be doing push ups till the late comers arrive. moral of the story, help the weak ones. its for the benefit of all.

I'll share my experience 8 years in Iron River doing change parade and some tips to secure. u will know what it takes to be a good change parader.

1. Be a good runner.
the moment officer told u the order, sprint all the way up to your block. with all your might, all your life! it'll be tiring, but don't worry as u will get to catch your breath while getting changed. a slow runner will stuck together with other cadets who dash to the dorm at the same time.

2. 2nd Skin
wear tights inside so that u can strip while running. unless u are not ashamed to let girls look at your cartoon underwear or boxers. during change parade, pants might tear. it'll be safer to have 2nd skin covering your little brother.

3. Shoes and Pants First.
Remember to put on your shoes and pants FIRST. both of these are on, grab your shirt, epaulette, name tag, gutters and belt with u. put those on as u run your way down to the parade square.

4. Double layer
Let say u are wearing planters, then required to change to game order, don't take off the black socks! just put on the white socks on top. the next order probably will be FSMO and u can just pull the white socks out, it saves your time and u get to rest a little. when u are long enough in the service, u will be able to read the officer's mind. they're only 2 orders that come with white socks which are 2 Alpha and game order. the others are all black socks. so be smart and change smart=)

Cadet art of secure

5. Shining Boots
In the ancient days, knight in shining armor always saves the princess then become the hero. modern soldier need not to shine armor, but we gotta shine boots and buckle. Just in case your shoes are not shine, grab some pain killer cream and apply it on your boots. it'll look very shiny, but u gotta avoid stepping on dusty area. mind u if u get caught, u will be in deep trouble. after change parade u might get another week of show parade. that depends on your luck.

6. Yell
If u have friends or juniors in the room who are not involved in change parade, ask them to help. Open the door wide and ask them to listen to the next order. while climbing up the stairs, shout to them tell them to prepare your next uniform! that's what cooperation is all about.

7. Secure
always try to conserve your energy by avoiding all the punishments involving the leg muscles. u will need those powerhouse for your next sprint!

after sharing some of the tips on change parade, i'll share with the readers how to choose a proper running shoes. I have learned a lot about running shoes for the past 2 weeks when i was surveying for shoes to avoid getting more serious injury. experience made me learn through the hard way. here is the website to guide u from baby steps.

here is my result.
the result will tell u what are the requirement for the best running shoes that suits u. However, it is not perfectly accurate, take the result and pick shoes based on your utmost requirement. the shoes suggested by them are not all suitable. make your own decision. topping my list suggested by the website is the Asics Gel DS Trainer 15 which i just bought from Midvalley at half price. original price RM 469.

if New Balance Baddeley wasn't invented, i would have bought this NB1100.
this shoes is a perfect choice for MUDS 2011. I need to consider longer distance also as i'm an endurance athlete, i have one more year racing actively as a student.

Baddeley is a bad boy.
suitable for all distances, currently I'm eying for this bad boy.

Men are really from Mars and Girls are from Venus, a very good book to bridge the gap between men and women. I spend most of my night time reading self enrichment books and watch some sports video to improve my knowledge. once the academic semester starts, i'll have to focus on my final year project.

hmm here i have an interesting story to share=)
Mahatma Ghandi walked down from the train and accidentally dropped one of his shoes on the railway track. he tried to reach it but failed, then he took off another side of his shoes, and threw it next to the shoe dropped on the railway track instead of throwing it into rubbish bin. a man saw and asked him why he did that.
he said "the poor man who pick up the shoes will get to wear it"

I hate the fact that more and more nice people in my life get cheated by all those double face liar bastards. sigh. whatever will be, will be. I'm not superman to save the world.

u will love this song=)
Breathe by Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat