Tuesday, August 9, 2011


this is my goddamn rifle, without this, I am nothing. - from the movie Full Metal Jacket

3rd day with hairless legs.
my legs are always cold at night, and will have to sleep with long pants. this is a preventive move from me, avoid more problems if I ever fall from my bike. Pray that i don't.

last night i did something exceeded my limit and slept late. its not the sleeping hours that affected me, i cut down my dinner portion is the major cause of my lethargic feeling.
this morning i couldn't keep up with the physical training, for the very first time. left hamstring was tight, and my body just not in good form. i ran abreast with the lady cadets! what the hell.

ignoring the warning was a mistake. she was right, i'm a pern tan =p

kelopak penuh berisi peluru,
sasaran satu kena pun tidak,
hidup jangan bertindak melulu,
fikirlah dulu sebelum tindak.

stopped my daily late night Taylor Swift Songs Marathon for about 2 weeks.
i guess the addiction has come to me again.

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