Monday, August 8, 2011

Friday Tempur Tanpa Senjata

Tempur Tanpa Senjata
every boring Friday evening after the muslim prayers, we will stand under the hot sun for martial arts. never even once i don't complain about the training. to be very frank, i've no interest in martial arts unlike my passion for endurance racing. However, there must be logical reasons and benefit for our trainings planned by ALK. Before this, the criteria to be commissioned as an officer is to be a black belt holder in taekwondo. those who have completed black belt will be exempted from Friday evening TTS. I continued my blue belt from ITF and then converted to WTF then pushed myself so hard to master all the taegeuk to pass my black belt test last year. it was a very hard process for me. i did it for the love of endurance racing because i want to do my training in the evening instead of doing punching and kicking.

life in cadets, hold on to the motto "prepare for the worst".
now that i got my black belt, the administration cancelled taekwondo and replaced it with military self defence. i started all over from white belt. no excuse even i'm a black belt. very slowly climbing up the ladder, now i'm a blue belt. hopefully before being commissioned, i will be a black belt in TTS. i'm already half way through, a little bit more to get my 2nd black belt.

i'll be trowing my buddy on the ground, thrust him with real bayonet and he will twist my arm and block me from attacking. all sorts of self defence technique were taught by very qualified instructors from Pusat Latihan Polis Tentera.

this very interesting experience of mine, always remind me to keep training every Friday evening. i was dragged on the road for about 50 meters by 2 snatch thieves. without the trainings, i will never be able to defend myself and get back my bag. only if i've learned the higher level during that time, i could have dragged them both to police station with broken limbs.
i was filled with anger later on, but i feel grateful for no serious injury.

this incident always remind me to keep training till i get my 2nd black belt.
sweat saves blood. ample training will guarantee victory in battlefield.

my left ankle was hurt after the incident, but i went to the starting line for Newton 30km run.
finished in pain, then took many weeks to recover. like the domino effect, the current left ankle pain is because of this incident.

i live life with no regrets.
pray that my ankles will heal fast.
a shark will die of no swimming, chanjunshen will doom of no training.
a little affected by Nora Elena after watching the 8th episode. this is Ahmad's fault.

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