Wednesday, August 10, 2011


another bunch of cadets got to layout their beds.
punishment for room not up to the mark. later in the evening, it rained heavily and all the mattresses wet. they will have to sleep on the floor tonight.
an overcast evening, my good luck was covered by the dark clouds. was scolded by lecturer.
i was supposed to get signature of my PA and the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty. guess who is the HOD? our beloved Col Khalid. haha. i will tell u what happened later. before that u should know how and why he hates me so much.

i still remember when i was sitting for final exams during foundation year, i was projecting a pyramid with the scale of 1:7 on my drawing block. He walked pass and saw one of my projection line was not right. He shouted at me "Ah Pek! ini bukan Malakoff! macam mana kamu draw line ni???!" I was humiliated in front of about 200 students in the hall, and he purposely picked my achievement in MUDS to thumb me down.

then come 2nd year, he was my thermo lecturer.
i forgot to bring my text book, i ran all the way down from 9th floor to 4th floor to get it before he came in. when i got into the class, he already started teaching. suddenly the class went silent as i walked very slowly and quietly to my place. i sat down and flipped my text book, then i saw him staring at me for a minute. the atmosphere was so tense and Eddy told me he was looking at me all the time from the moment i stepped into the class. 5 minutes later, 3 ladies didn't bring their text books and caught by him. with a friendly tone, he said "pergi ambik buku kamu".

the world is unfair.

now i'm 3rd year going to be 4th year.
i went to his room half an hour ago, i took off my beret and walked in with camoflage and spike boot. knocked his door and saluted him.
"is that how u enter officer's room!!???"
deep down in my tiny heart "not again..."
went out and reported "I'm Officer Cadet Chan Jun Shen bla bla bla request permission to enter the room sir. "
the clerk who holds his official stamp was not there, so i went in without his stamp ready on every piece of paper.
he said to me in a very sarcastic tone "what do u want me to do with all this papers?"
"I need your signature on every single piece sir" i got a bit scared.

i was standing at the left edge of his table, after finishing everything, he threw the paper to the right edge of the table and said
"when u become officer, u better get the stamp ready before u see your CO!"
i was obstructed by 2 chairs in between before i picked up my papers. fuh! thank god its all over.
by the way, he got a blog to announce news regarding mechanical engineering. never will i follow his blog, just in case he found mine. i'll be in deep shit=p

i learned from this lesson. no matter how he treats me, i will not take it negatively as long as i can learn something from him. he scolded me a million times, and i have the feeling that he dislikes me actively involve in sports. whatever it is, i've completed my claim form and will get my claim 10 ringgit a day throughout my working days in Penang. wooohoo!

Jasmi Ironman
this morning Sarjan Jasmi was assigned to take my battalion for physical training. he pushed the group so hard especially when come to running, all the slow runners got extra mileage from him. this is what u get when an Ironman Physical Training Instructor take u for log training. with him around, we could train better and improve faster. last night i fueled myself with Oblong Ayam after dinner at the new cadet's mess. this morning i ran a lot faster and feel very energetic. it is proven that nutrition is very important to perform at the best level.

my camouflage pants is getting tighter every passing days. hope it is the muscles growing big instead of accumulated fats.

a good leader has the strength of a man but leads with a woman's heart. - from Surviving Competition

this song carries a very deep message. i love it=)

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