Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gentle Move

one of my favorite movie.
i wanted to buy love novels, but i think it's not productive and waste of time. routine in UPNM just doesn't allow me to do anything not productive. so i didn't buy the novel Notebook and few others that caught my attention. i bought 3 books, all self enrichment.
was a boy now a soldier
saw this picture under the glass of my grandma's coffee table.
scolded this junior for slow response during his Registration Day.
i guess i've lost my sting after industrial training. or may be i've leaped to a higher level of leadership, lead without using force.
a gentle move can shake the world-mahatma ghandi

putting on stripes every passing years shows seniority, not maturity. junior look down and run when they see u doesn't mean they respect u, they're fear of the stripes on your shoulder.
the moment u stripped off your uniform, u are nothing but just u. at that time, if they still call u "Sir" and obey your orders, that shows u are a real respected leader.

the video is for u SPEC

alpha kilo uniform papa echo november alpha tango


Henry Wong said...

Love the article and video. Thanks for sharing!

Chan Jun Shen said...

All the Ironman videos are inspiring. this is just a portion of it =) thanks for the compliment=)