Saturday, August 6, 2011


whole week trying to settle my bike's mechanical problem. i know how to tune my Rear Derailleur, but since i entitle for 4 times free service, better i send it to Rodalink. everything went haywire after they bent my RD, and then charged me RM40 without asking my permission to bend my RD. that's the word "free" means. sigh. i was complaining to them through the phone, they talked to me as if i know nothing about bikes.
the next day another mechanic Kelvin solved my problem.
with injury on both ankles bothering me, this week isn't a pleasant one.

i'll always have a glance at this spot every time i come and pray.
spent some time reading at the shrine hall after prayers.

walked around Times Square looking for birthday present for the birthday boys Jun Win and Jun Kwan, then i saw this shop selling all the military accessories.
any cadet wanna spend RM 921 on this complete suit?

spent an hour looking at the guys and girls fighting to go Korea to meet the world's fastest sprinter. it was really fun and funny looking at people sprint at the Times Square's foyer.
this is my 3rd time racing in Baju Outing. i'll bring my trisuit and running shoes along the next time i go outing=p
this pretty lady ran a super fast 4.64 seconds but lost to the defending champion 4.27 seconds.
she is still braver than her boyfriend who has go no balls to be on the starting line=p

i did 3.9 seconds, didn't make it to Korea. hmm not too bad though, most guys did 4 seconds and above. blame it to the short legs=p my body build is meant for long distance.
no chance meet Usain Bolt. =p if given the chance, i rather meet Haile than Usain.
won a T Shirt, asked for XL for my dad.
have enough of race T Shirts in my wardrobe.

earlier this week, suddenly everybody in Penang sms me at the same night! haha. i'm so happy to hear from them=)

Taylor swift is so damn cool! she sings better in different genre.


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