Sunday, August 7, 2011

Down Time

battling with injury is no fun at all.
spent another 50 ringgit today to let Eddy's uncle to massage my ankle and knee, it burnt a big big hole in my pocket. my flexibility has improved a little after the massage, but it didn't fully heal me. however, one thing he said to me caught my attention.
i went into the room, immediately he said "u got duck legs" which means i have low arch. he said people like me can never run long distance, will get joints pain and back ache.
my body build, everything is against what i am doing. i'm a flat footer but i run long distance, my calf is very big but i do endurance racing. i'm short and small but trying hard to beat people double my height. i'm not a talented athlete, the only thing that brought me this far is my fighting spirit. i'm denying the impossibles.

minutes later...

it popped up in my mind "i'm such a fool."
an old man is telling me i have low arch, and i read so much about running postures and suitable shoes, why i don't make good use of my tiny brain? i've been buying all the performance shoes which are light weight and less cushion to gain maximum speed. low arch people should buy shoes with cushion and midfoot support! the problem is, i can never afford to buy many running shoes at one time. that's why i buy all the shoes only for racing.

till today, i bought 6 running shoes already. none of them actually fits me for my long distance training. i really cannot afford to go massage every week=( i need to get this thing solved.
my only choice is to get a right shoe.

right shoes cost money... sigh.

this month, RM200 to the bike, RM100 on massage, RM200 phone bill, RM 100 on supplements, RM70 on books and many more. i'm so damn broke now.

breakfast at Mantin. La Zha Mee (Dirty Mee)

Lunch with Eddy's family.
they all speak Hakka, is an alien lingo to me. totally out of my frequency range, so i couldn't understand a thing. haha.
his house, is so peaceful. everybody happily doing their own stuff, no stress. as what OP Stupe told me, grass is always greener on the other side. i'm not comparing my family with the others. no doubt i'm slightly ahead of my comrades when come to military info and leadership, all thanks to the good exposure and guidance from family. this month, i'm not in the peak condition. rather sit down quietly and settle my own issues. this period is not the time to discuss about achievements and performance at home. desperately need a break, or i will break.
please don't put any responsibilities on my shoulder.

for many years i've been pushing myself very very hard, and being pushed as well. i'm too young to burst, better pace myself well. i will excel in life, in my own way. says who i cannot excel in my own way? i race Ironman unlike my family all play volleyball badminton and ping pong, and today i'm a 3 times Ironman Finisher at the age of 21. my father is a seaman but i'm wearing yellow badge pursuing my engineering degree.
not to brag, just to prove that i'll excel in my own way, own style.

am very frustrated with what is happening to me right now.
i sat on the toilet bowl after doing my laundry and cracking my head how to solve all these stresses. sigh. till i got fed up, i took the shaver and shaved my legs hair. i'm running out of time, out of money, out of everything. no time for fun ride, i'll be very focus on my cycling while waiting for my legs to heal. just in case i fall during training, i can easily treat the wound without the leg hair trapping all the debris. easier to massage too.

iti pi so bhagavan arahan.
the enlighten ones, please help me. i'm like a turbine undergoing outage. adoi...


stupeed demon said...

Actually, flat feet is not a characteristic that is anti-distance running. Many of the top African runners have this trait too. However, the other traits are not so conducive la... :P

Peter, also a fellow sufferer of the short legs, big calves, flat feet syndrome

Henry Wong said...

Well young man, take one thing at a time. I had my best time in life when pursuing my first degree in university. Open up your mind and look at things around. You are a lucky dude with an eventful life as compared to many others! All the best in your recovery and come back stronger!

Running Kuroko said...

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger - Friedrich Neitzche

When things are gloomy, have a lot of faith that it will eventually turn out to be ok, even you do not know how.

Apart from laying low, sometime compromising and "swallow your own pride" help. All these sucks, but real.

Chan Jun Shen said...

Peter, flat feet is a disadvantage to runners. coz people with flat feet need motion control shoes to correct their running gait to prevent back ache and joints pain.

Henry, thanks for all the encouragements. i would love to enjoy life to the fullest like u. Hehe.

Running Kuroko, what does "swallow my own pride" means? =)where and who can i learn it from? i'm willing to lower my ego and learn from anybody who is better than me=)