Sunday, August 14, 2011

Asics GS Trainer 15

it was the author that attracted me, not the book.
Gee Yang showed me the book Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and he gave really good comment on the book. since Robin Sharma wrote this book, i believe it'll be good as well.
Spent an hour enjoying the auction, I didn't have money to bid for any expensive item, so i went there to enjoy the "expensive" experience. most of the items sold more than 30% below market price.

2XU at Gardens. my pay can only buy one item from this shop.
KL is always so happening, lots of events going on every month.
my old mouse airborned many times from the table, so its time to retire.
my new transformers mouse will be the toy of this week=) RM12 only. so many gadgets on sale this month, KL is the right place to shop for goods=)

Asics GT Trainer 15
I love the dual density concept to provide stability for runners with over pronation, and it's light weight too! Low in height and light in weight, this shoe fits me as a midfoot runner. the fore cushion of this shoe is soft, creating a very nice pillow feel when the foot strikes the ground. well ventilated, good for training.

Revlite 890 Baddeley
this is a bloddy good shoe, is categorized as lightweight stability. capable of handing distances of 5km or 42km. that's the comment i read from the internet. after seeing it for myself, this is really a speed demon.

New Balance 1100
u will be wondering if this is a lightweight shoes or no weight shoes. front cushioning is soft, and low in height, suits the 10km runners well=)

New balance 1226
Buka puasa together with Abang Alang, Tuan Paira and Aiman.
initially we were supposed to have dinner at a Thai restaurant, but all fully booked.
then we went pizza hut, all occupied.
next Dominos, same case.
we ended up had dinner in KFC, and we ordered the food 1 hour earlier to avoid unnecessary problems. so happened Abang Alang brought his IPad 2, an hour we played monopoly.

I'm investing money on a running shoes which will correct my over pronation to avoid injuries rather than paying for unnecessary medication to treat my legs. tested this shoes last night for the 7km tempo run, it was superb. this shoe, is not my race shoe. the race shoe will be even better than this. by the way, Aiman paid for this shoes as I had no money.

wait for the race shoe next week. *grins*

my friends who are still fasting and went to the jungle for military training, i have no idea how tiring the training is, because i don't fast. Last Friday after marching, i saw their lips all pale and i heard many of them saying "Ya Allah berikanlah aku kekuatan.."
even with food and drinks the training is tough, imagine going through training under the hot sun for hours without drinks. those who just came back from the jungle, map reading and jalan laju during fasting month at the driest place in Malaysia is a greatest test of your mental strength.

at normal days, we do water drills to replenish the body with ample fuel and carry liters of water to prevent dehydration during jalan laju and compass marching. my friends all completed it during fasting month without a single drop of water, some pushed themselves too hard till fainted. u guys gained my respect.

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do write the review for the book if you have time.;)

btw I love your passion for sports. ;)