Monday, August 22, 2011

4 more days to go

I enjoyed torturing myself sprinting for an hour in the evening, my breathing was so hard! pushed my body too hard till i got spasm on my back, for the very first time. so far I have experienced cramped on most of my lower body muscles including my butt. you know the very last thing u want during training is to cramp your buttock, how to cycle with a hardened butt? Haha it sounds funny, but no fun at all k? it hurts..

after training Jasmi asked me why i wanna go penang during holiday coz my hometown is in Alor Setar and my house is in KL. of course many factors attracted me in Penang. I miss all my friends in Penang, from the oldest man David the swimmer till youngest friend of mine Ethan the Ironboy. gonna enjoy to the fullest and pump myself with the northern good food, so I gotta start burning calories from now=) as i said, Penang is a heaven.

my aim by end of Holiday:
1. Level 8
2. Figure 195
3. 60

i shall keep the meaning of the values personal, just in case I failed to achieve.
been watching Smallville lately, start to feel bored with all the creatures and weirdos in every episode, but never sick of looking at pretty Lana Lang. I'll have 10 seasons to catch up! gonna take up a week's time to finish all, but for Lana Lang, I don't mind=p

"it's better to let go, so that easier to move on" - Lana Lang
Luckily Clark Kent didn't move on with his normal life.. or else the journey wouldn't be so interesting.

Taylor Swift - Nelly cover Just a Dream
better than the original Just a dream by Nelly=)

the best way to kill insomnia, push your body to the limit. over train might be a good solution=)
word of the day, "Nobody is born a leader, leaders are trained", too bad it doesn't apply on athletes.

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