Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grandma's New Balance 860

found this sexy lady at Midvalley, on sale for 30%.
too bad no size for my grandma. went around looking for shoes for overpronators, but none of them pass my requirements. most of the stability shoes are not well cushioned. found a few with nice cushion, but heavy in weight. headache! that's the problem when u know too much and want the best for the senior lady in the family.
I've decided to go New Balance at Gardens. when u go to concept stores, u will hardly see any old models, and even with discounted price u will still pay a huge amount. I'm looking for shoes with arch support and dual density medial post, the price doesn't really matter. (government paid me bonus) *winks*
her shoes are more expensive than my running shoes!
she already signed up for a marathon =p Haha jk..
she insisted me to take her money and she wanted to pay all. then i told her pay by card will get cheaper price ( a trick to cheat old lady, just like how she lured me to study when i was little)=p
her birthday just passed, and she is now 70 years old. how many more good shoes can she wear if we don't get her a good shoes now?
this will be her PB for having the most expensive shoes in her life.
my family, especially my grandma's generation normally won't spend this much for sport shoes.
trust me, better spend on shoes than medication. somemore she has got osteoporosis, hmm i think the cushion will absorb more ground impact, good for her spine may be? along the way till midvalley she kept praising the shoes saying it feels like pillow, very very soft. how can I not use my knowledge on shoes to solve her feet pain problem? that'll be too selfish. those who has got no idea about shoes might think i'm a big money spender, waste money on shoes. these shoes are really very very comfortable. nothing wrong with paying a little extra for the sake of health and comfort.
why torture your body? right?=)
so now, my grandma is wearing NB860 whereas my dad is wearing NB760 (older version).
like mama like son, but mama is more advance=)
both are lightweight performance fit and was developed for runners looking for premium cushioning and moderate stability. hope will make her feel comfortable for her trip to China =)

so dad paid me back 100 ringgit, and grandma wanted to pay be back all the money because she said it's my hard earned money from carrying logs and undergo harsh trainings. Haha!
she felt bad as my mum doesn't spend this much on shoes despite earning money.
after many times rejecting, no choice but to take her money. but i took only 100 bucks.

she is now very very happy and whole family feel the happiness.

for those who are under pressure studying for exams in Penang, this is a nice song to share. take a break and listen to it=)

I'll intentionally do charity, at least once every week. Be it involves money or my effort, at least once. Do remind me=)

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