Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Orang Tamak Selalu Rugi

all the Trathletes' racing bible will tell u not to try new stuff during race day.
training period is the time to make mistake, trial and error, and be crazy. I love this training period as this is the best time to try to cramp every single muscles, u are on your own and nobody will judge u with your poor timing, it is all yours!

in the military, we love to hear "all yours!"
the feeling of empowerment indirectly sparks initiative and creativity, building up the leadership of the leaders-gonna-be.

so today, I tried something new and discovered the unknown.
I poured in a scoop extra of electrolytes, made my drink thicker. I ended up cramping for my final run, and annoying sticky mouth too. Orang tamak selalu rugi right?
Race is like destination, training is like the journey.
In life, the destination is not important, it is how u walk the journey that'll make life colorful.
I was drop dead after that with muscles soreness. Haha. I woke up at 4pm actually after 3 hours of nap, then i was reluctant to go to the pool but i forced myself to get my race kits ready and went down for training. told myself "Just do it!"

I had so many great names in my head when i was on my bike.
the big engine George Hincapie
crazy and outspoken Jens Voight
and of course the living legend Lance Armstrong

I love the aggression of this sport, even without hurting people u can unleash the extra adrenaline in a good way. when i was in Penang, i hardly hear anybody yells. here in UPNM, day in day out i hear people shouting and scolding, too much of man's ego and aggression i suppose.

Made in Malaysia by Zee Avi - Kantoi =)

Love your body by training it in a harsh condition, so that it'll be prepared for the worst and survive in desperate condition.

Good deed of this week, sharing knowledge with Lim Shimri. He is the right guy =)

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