Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tearing Apart

Day 2 in UPNM.
morning physical training was really challenging for me after 2.5months didn't do even a single push up. my chest and core muscles ache like hell, i wonder how the other big boys feel when commencing exercises. cadets might have different level of fitness, but i believe we all have high mental toughness. despite lack of training, Amirul, Aiman and I never failed to lead the group when come to running. Aiman and Amirul's running has improved a lot after joining AdiNation. i was left behind many times, obviously i need to buck up my stamina. i felt so heavy every time i stride.

i told myself.. i own supreme fitness once upon a time.

been doing 8km run everyday to burn all the Penang calories. i had enough fun for 2.5months, its time to burn fats. i believe i will regain my stamina in no time, because i am an Ironman. I used to be very fit, and soon i'll be fit again.

doing Physical Training (PT) with nasty Staff Seniman is never easy. tell u what, i hate to see his face every time when come to PT. he made us crawl like a big baby and run when we're all exhausted. But he is one of the best Physical Training Instructor (PTI) i've ever met. he plays no mercy when conducting PT, don't fool around or his spike boot will land on your stomach anytime, the next moment u will see the sky spinning round and round. In person, he is very friendly and willing to assist the athletes when come to stretching and training program.

he has what it takes to be a good instructor. he is somebody who earned my respect.

after burning so much of calories during PT, i was really very hungry. the water heater all not working, i was very desperate. so we did it the traditional way, cook with solid fuel.

afternoon we did marching.
marching is a good cooling down for the morning's physical training. =p
the marching ground was hot like hell!

this hand is used to pull gun trigger, do push ups, thrust enemy with bayonet, punch wood plank, self defence, and help my comrades. but i've never ever slapped juniors with my hand, there're ways to guide and teach juniors, i don't believe in man handling.

my body ache, felt like this Ironbody is gonna tear apart.
stay strong, everybody is going through fair amount of pain. should have done some push ups or sit ups at seaview=p it's too late anyway. been trying to catch some sleep everyday, i need about 9 hours of sleep time to accelerate recovery.

bila mengantok disorong bantal,
malas belajar ujian pun gagal,
balik intern badan dah buntal,
kena PT badan pun sengal.

tmrw press conference, a bit nervous and i'm waiting for good luck wish from somebody.

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