Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MUDS Press Conference

Good luck wish received at 0402H. thank u very much=)

Shined my shoes and get my uniform ready for the press conference while the other cadets doing physical training this morning. i walked down my block with Amirul and saw whole row of beds in layout condition under Satria Block.
One for all, all for one.
Punishment for failure to stretch your bed and keep your room clean and neat.
interviewed by TV3, Bernama and few other media. handling media really require confidence and experience. i love to see how Lance Armstrong handle the media without offending them.
before we went up to the conference room, i saw Adele carrying a big plastic box. it just popped out in my mind to help her carry the box despite wearing white uniform. this is really a drastic change in me. i normally will not offer help to girls in the military as i want them to push them to the limit, and most of the time i treat my civilian girl friends the same way which NOW i think is a bit not gentleman. to the girls in military, u girls chose to join the forces and we receive the same pay, so i'm not gonna be gentleman to help u carry your gun and backpack.

remember sweat saves blood, the more u train, the higher the chance to win a war. i expect girls in military to be equally tough as guys, because military is not meant for flimsy girls.

Amirul will be another star for this season. should be listed as the race favorite.

had a long chat with the malakoff's VIP, now that i've done my internship in a Power Plant, i get a new topic to discuss with them rather than talking to them about sports all the time. Met Kak Aini too, she is always cheerful and i enjoyed talking to her=) i'll be using the picture she snapped for me during Ironman for my injury free running talk=)

today 10 hours of sleeping time achieved. haha.
tmrw fitness test.

i like it when u call me lazy bump for not updating my blog.

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