Monday, July 25, 2011

Crank it up!

2 months ago before leaving my room, i had this paper cutting at my study desk.
feel so happy to see it undisturbed when i was away. squared up my room and wardrobe just in case the instructors snap check us, like the boyscout motto "be prepared".

seaview is a heaven.
view from my room.
it is so hard to get good internet connection, even my whatsapp is lagging.
seaview tower

morning parade, guess i've set my mind prepare for the worst.
i know i will never have easy life here in UPNM, when officers and instructors brief us about our routine, i was waiting for punishments. living in a big community, i expect somebody to cock up every time during inspection, but i don't want to be the black sheep. even no body fumble, they will find our mistakes to make us do push ups.

just when i was about to start day dreaming, a captain shouted and made us do push ups.
one after another exercise he gave, push ups, squad jumps, jack knives, start jumps, back support, sit ups... i counted how many he gave us for each of the exercises.
i lost count after every single exercise clocked 50... muscles felt sore and tired while commencing punishments, but i still smile when thinking of all the joy i had in Penang. live life with no regrets.
a few cadets was about to faint during the muscle torturing session. i guess my muscle memory for all those exercises has faded, so now need to warm them up and inject pain in it to let me know that i'm now back to hell.

this thursday will be our fitness test. i will pass, but dare not guarantee i can excel.

military routine is tiring, and will never be easy. however, there're many things that keep me going. i close my eyes i see Penang, i miss everybody, i smell berry. those are my motivation, i will not break, try me.

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