Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 72: New Beginning

tomorrow will mark a new episode of my life.
my farewell in Penang didn't happen like what i expected. since many weeks back when i thought of leaving, i imagine myself hugging all my very nice friends before departing. i dropped tears when Ethan was in the picture. i'll hug those closest to me last. however, i hope no body will feel jealous with the very last person i wanna hug as u guys have been really wonderful to me throughout my stay, so hard for me to pick the last person.

dear readers, i do not blog to please u. if u think my posts are affecting u, please don't read it.
i write about my life, about people who are nice to me and inspire me along the way.
i record incidents, experiences, and occasions.

my last day in Penang has been terribly damaged. enough of all this.
hope u are happy to see me leaving.

however, one thing i always bear in mind.
i wanna contribute to the community, touch people's life and inspire them in anyways i could. i will live like a legend. i don't tell lies, i walk my talk. i don't hypocrite. I already proposed to Melody Tan to conduct Science of Injury Free Running talk during the Inter University Duathlon pre-race briefing. i'll just keep it simple and sweet to help new runners have a clearer view of a good running posture. hope i can share to help more people run better. inspire people, sharing is loving.

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