Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to Square One

Ethan in celoreng.
Jamie Jaspreet Josephine Jasmine Michael Ethan and Michael's parents were there to sent me.
after hugging them, i couldn't resist my tears from coming out. first was Michael, Jasmine, Ethan, Jaspreet and lastly Jamie. Michael's family is more like my family in Penang, while Jaspreet and Jamie are more of my very best friends in seaview.

I believe i've touched their lives, just like how they touched mine too.
then i inserted my car key and started the engine. my car failed to start.
the whole atmosphere full of sadness just turned to laughter. i really couldn't stop laughing.]
probably god is telling me to stay another day?=p

i drove all the way back to KL after buying 65 ringgit of durian for my family. i was really sleepy when driving alone, so i called all my friends in Penang and chat with them to keep me awake. that was my very first time driving long distance, alone. family was kinda worried of me driving alone, but i have the confidence as i've grown up and mature enough to do what the adults can do. mother will always worry about her kids no matter how old they are.

already cut my hair short, prepare to go back to where i belong. it is the harsh condition and tough environment in Sungai Besi that made me cherish everything i had in Penang. no body will really understand this feeling, and i hope my friends in PIDC will appreciate what they have in life since they're staying in a really conducive environment to study compare to me.

everything is now back to square one.
i've just completed another cycle of my life. however, there're many unsolved business, unaccomplished missions in Penang. i will come back=)
one of the unsolved missions, to run on the seaview's treadmill at max speed 16 for 30 minutes! =p i will come and torture the treadmill next time. *grins*
when pursuing something, don't stop halfway, give your heart and soul to earn it. many people give up along the way. when the goings get tough, the tough gets going.
participants struggled and failed to meet the cut off of 3.8km swim, the heat and head wind of Langkawi Island thumbed down many riders during the 180km ride. despite in pain, the strong will keep striding step by step, stride by stride, all the way to complete 42km marathon and wrap up all the 3 events within 17 hours.
do u have what it takes to challenge an Ironman?
strong support from endurance racing community

only the strong survives.
42km marathon after 180km ride and 3.8km swim
enduring physical pain, what about emotional pain?okay, may the Iron spirit be with me. stay strong and live strong.
please don't give up Chan Jun Shen. as long as i'm still breathing and heart still pounding, i will NEVER stop pursuing my goals in life. University Duathlon is coming soon, and military training is awaiting me in UPNM. 27th July i will attend the press conference for Duathon Series' opening ceremony, Melody just informed me that the press me interview me after the conference.
lari sikit dah pancit,
perut mula buncit,
kaki sekarang senang melecet,
tolong la PT senang sikit.

Jaspeet Jasmine Jamie Josephine Michael Ethan Alvin and Mei Mei, i miss u guys very much.
thanks for everything. u will be remembered.

till we meet again

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