Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 70&71 : Farewell Penang

It has been a week, when i day dream i imagine how this farewell gonna be like.
my eyes will be teary most of the time, and i will pretend to yawn if i'm in the office.
everything just happens too quick, and my final few days here is accelerating uncontrollably.
being reminded of my stay is gonna end soon, it really hurts. After 8 years in the military, finally i get to enjoy and understand better what ultimate freedom is all about. However, military has molded my very strong character, injected determination in me, made me a stubborn man refuse to give up in everything.

i truly enjoyed my Penang internship.
as i always said, Penang is a heaven. Be it food or angels.
i would like to express my deepest gratitude to a few really important people who made my Penang dream come true.


OP AJ Sir, thank u very much for helping me to get a place to complete my internship in Prai Power Plant. never did i know that u held such high position in Malakoff. Sir, i've tried my very best to learn as much as could in the plant, but i'm running out of time. Rome wasn't built in one day, so does the power plant. I'm glad that seeing u in Bareno Run turned out to be a fruitful one for me. I admire u for your humble and helpful character. keeping yourself fit at the age of above 50 is really impressive to me, what more finishing a few Ironmans.

Mother Lau Bee Looi

my mother Lau Bee Looi let me use her Kancil for 2.5 months.
having to take public transport is really troublesome and letting your son have the car is a big sacrifice which i feel very grateful and will i always remember. without this car, i doubt my Penang life will be this carefree.

Jin Aik
Jin Aik, still very fresh in my mind when i was lost at Penang Island and u came to save me.
"Errr Jin Aik, i'm lost. i'm at Penang Island Hospital"
"don't worry, u stay there. stay there okay? don't move. i'll come for u"
thanks for organizing a place for me to join the Betong Ride, and introduced me to many Penang riders. u guided me, showed me bike routes and everything, i will never thank u enough Jin Aik.
riders on the left stared at me.
u gave me chance to prove myself to the northern riders.

Michael, Jasmine and Ethan
Dear Ethan, your swim coach can't hold his tears any longer. I always tease u saying u are a girl every time u cry, yea now i'm the girl. Do u still remember how our friendship started? I was looking at u swimming at the baby pool, u were so shy when i asked permission from Jasmine to teach u swimming. 2nd lesson of swimming with me, u hugged mommy tightly and refused to do warm up. touching the pool bottom was your deepest fear, dipping your face underwater and blow bubbles was impossible to u,u used to struggle in the water and move nowhere.
see the current u, love swimming so much, always jump into the pool without me asking and show off how well u can float. i might not be able to coach u anymore this weekend onwards, and my mission to make u a swimmer only half accomplished. i want to come back for your birthday, but in the military holiday is our privilege, not something compulsory. so i guess i will never be able to make it. i will come back to Penang, and that time we will swim again.

Michael and Jasmine, 12th floor has become my 2nd home and u both really treated me very very well since the day we met. Thanks for bringing me out for good food and care for my feelings. Every time I have problems u both will be always there to listen to my problems and advise me. I will always miss Jasmine's yoghurt and Michael's Kupang when i go back to KL. thank god we met, and thank u both for treating me like part of the family. Jasmine u are such a caring mother, now i really feel the challenge of bringing up a child and be a responsible parents. Michael, u are one out of a million guys who will peel crab for the wife. this is a real gentleman quality which made me admire u so much.
Ironman Chan Jun Shen
Ironboy Ethan

Jaspreet Kaur Boparai

Jaspreet Boparai, thanks for treating me in the clinic.
i just wanna tell u that u are a really funny girl and all the words come out from your mouth will make everybody laugh like crazy. or may be u are just funny without u even knowing. i enjoyed your company and listening to all your nonsense. u have yet to belanja me, coz yesterday Alvin paid for the meal=p i'm happy for Jamie for having a trustworthy friend like u.

Alvin my landlord
i always wonder what good deed i've done for me to be blessed with such a nice landlord like u.
i was standing in awe when i first came into this house. Jamie picked a well renovated and beautifully designed house for me, it was really impressive. u gave me a very good first impression, that's why i feel bad if i don't help u clean the house during weekend. I will always miss the times where we both lonely man clean the house together then went out for really good Penang food=) i pay u 300 a month for room rental, but i guess u spent it all paying for my meal every time we went out. i'll cherish the quality time we had, especially when we were caught by police for fishing at the port area.

Jamie Ng Pui Zjin
thank u

will be back to my origin in 2 days time.

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