Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 69 : Farewell lunch

my internship friends at Prai Power Plant.
this week will be my last week here, so all of us went out for a farewell lunch.
they were all checking out on a hot girl sitting at the back of me, so i turned to have a glimpse.
they're all my neighbors, a bunch of PIDC students. the whole time in McD they talked about girls and looked for pretty girls in there which don't seem to interest me.

then they started saying military turned me into a gay.
i'm single, but i'm not gay.
bumped into Arnold when we came out from Jaspreet's house and he gave me a souvenir.
i approved him in Facebook, but not his sister=p
Jaspreet, Jamie, Alvin and I.
my biggest mistake for taking cappucino at night. sleepless night again.
i'm a big fan of endurance nutrition and caffeinated drinks are always out of my daily food's list.
i'll keep my body sensitive to caffeine effect, so that i can get greater advantage in race days.

Seafood Pasta with Cheese topping.
since 2 days back i regained appetite and eat better, sleep better too.
but the eager and excitement to hunt for good food just disappeared.
mushroom soup

who's Bryan Cafe=)

picked 2 songs by Eric Clapton, I'm yours by Jason Mraz, and Bubbly by Colbie Caillat.
i really miss u guys.
meeting my team mates is the only thing that i'm looking forward to.
a strong reason for me to keep performing well.

girls, train hard for the upcoming big game!

as the defending champion of Malakoff University Duathlon Series, i always thank my team for everything they have done for me. i dare not guarantee my performance will be as killer as last year, but u can have my words that i will give my very best shot. i will train hard.

pain is temporal, glory is forever.

Tong Hua (Fairytale) by Michael Wong

English Version=)

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