Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 59 & 60 : 120km Ride


Soft Crabs

proud girl showing me all her trophies=)
visited my aunt at simpang empat, the family brought Alvin and I to Tambun for seafood.

Bukit Mertajam Duck Rice with Alvin and whole family.

Loaded myself with lots of really really good food before the 122km ride.
no cycling for 3 weeks, i wonder how am i gonna finish it strong. however, being a 3 times Ironman Finisher always keep me going and do more Kamikaze.
Edwin and I
Power Bar breakfast

pulling a group of 3 riders at the speed of above 40km/h
wonder how Andreas feels when he drafts me. I'm such a tiny rider.
i welcomed him to my peloton as he is such a big and strong rider, with his giant frontal area slicing the wind, i enjoyed myself drafting him

Kamikaze before the killer climb
delivered a really strong punch and drafted the marshal's bike all the way to Baling.
i felt strong and fresh, my only motivation was a full body massage.

i was pushing too hard before the climb, and i struggled all the way up to the peak.
Edwin was the King of mountain, he finished strong, even the marshals couldn't catch up with him=)
orang tamak selalu rugi again...
i could have climbed a lot better than that if i paced myself well. currently i like speed more than distance. anyway, live life with no regrets. i love what i was doing despite climbing with pain.
easy ride before the climb
after a few attacks, i felt tight in my thighs.
signs of burning out too early. i enjoyed the speed though.

Denying the impossibles, mind over matters.

great company, good organizing, joyful ride.

my new friend Susumu
i shared my experience doing Ironman with him, and 65 years old him told me "I'm a bit too young for that"

Orphanage and old Folks home

they sang song for us upon arrival.
i was sort of touched by their soft kids' voice singing, thinking of them living without parents and guardians, how are they going to face obstacles in life without guidance. they are really on their own. after 17 years old they will go to the city and further study, and the principal said "i'm already very happy to see them graduate"
kids will clean the old folks home and the folks will cook food for them.

the more i see the unfortunate kids and folks, i feel more and more down to earth.
i'm lucky to have a happy family.

she volunteered herself to manage the old folks home for the past 37 years, i feel myself so humble talking to such a noble person. we brought smiles to the kids, gave them 5 bikes and stationary. all thanks to Jin Aik and all the committee members who did a great job organizing this bike ride.


Edwin said...

All in all I would say that you're a great rider.. Pulling and whacking all the way and only rest a certain distance... Man, we had a good run! Sheltering me throughout the distance... Keep up the spirit of IRONMAN... I seriously enjoyed the time all of us had there. To be able to meet other cyclists and also to be able to spend time exploring the place which is akinda new to us... Two Thumbs up to you bro! Have a good day!

Chan Jun Shen said...

Edwin, thanks for the compliment. u did great too, yr final climb was really strong=) i'm glad that the new bike fit suits u well=)

Edwin said...

Oh yay. The final part is because of you haha... Sheltered me all the way, only then I still have the strength to climb in the final.. But I get we missed our "Iron horse" in front.. ha ha... And also one more thing thx for your info, knowledge and time spent to do bike fitting for me.. (",)