Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 58 : Ethan can swim already

Jasmine made herbal egg and packed breakfasts for me.
the herbal egg tasted really good=)

Alvin's home made Pizza, my dinner on Wednesday
Thursday lunch at Tao

went to gym this morning, ran on treadmill to burn 500kcal before coming for buffet.
my promise to Jasmine, they will regret letting me in=p haha.

Ethan and I
Oyster baked with cheese


Papaya Salmon

Chawan Mushi

Abalone soup

Bamboo Clamp

Szechuan soup
now i eat Salmon, 2 weeks later i will eating Cadet's Mess' infamous ikan kembong goreng.

could hardly breathe after stuffing myself with all the good food at Tao.
had a hard time understanding the menu, all the food names are in Japanese. However, me understand and can read Chinese, was able to read the chinese words at the side. that helps a lot.
language is weapon.

okay, here is the important news to announce.
7th of July, my Ironboy Ethan can swim already. all readers, please give him a big round of applause for his effort and enthusiasm to learn swimming. less than 15 lessons, a 4 years old kid can swim better than the adults in Seaview. i'll bring him to cross the big pool in the next swim session. Ironboy gonna be. i told him about one of the craziest thing i did, swim to the oil rig in a sea infested with crocodiles.
Jasmine straightaway said "u cannot become Ironman!"
"u can learn to iron clothes at home to become Ironman."

it is a common respond from a loving mother. who would send the kid to swim with crocodiles?

Eric Clapton
wonderful tonight

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