Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 61 : Kenny Rogers

11th July 2011

6 years back at the Kota Raya Kenny Rogers, was the very first time I had Kenny Rogers.
still very fresh in my mind that i ordered quarter bird black pepper and she ordered a bowl of coleslaw. as a budak boy, the happiest day of the month is our 70 ringgit payday. so we went there a week after my payday.

yesterday i went with Michael, Jasmine, Ethan and Joseph.
they played the song Back to December by Taylor Swift. wooohooo!!
I didn't eat as much as usual though, but i really enjoyed the company. when i have really nice company, i don't even know what am i eating. very weird.
Kenny Rogers quarter bird smoked BBQ

Kenny Rogers should learn from Jasmine and Michael to make their homemade mango lassi.

ended up in Kenny Rogers instead of swimming pool.

11 days left

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