Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 57 : How to patch bicycle tube

an avid rider can never run away from tire puncture. no matter how expensive or bomb proof your tire is, u can never guarantee your tire will never puncture.
we triathletes always have either spare tube or patch kit carried with us during long distance riding. Here i'm sharing one of the easiest way to patch bicycle tube.

just in case u are still new with bikes:
1. a normal bicycle tire will have an inner tube in it.
2. i will show u how to patch the inner tube, not the tire.

I will start from baby steps

1. Ooops tire wobbling while cycling, puncture detected.
2. use a tire lever to remove tire, take out the inner tube.
3. check the TIRE, remove foreign object.

inflate the inner tube with air so that puncture can be detected by hissing sound produced.
Topeak glueless patch kit
i bought it for 10 ringgit, just patch the sticker at the hole. that's all.
sand paper is provided in the patch kit.
just rub it on the hole area, then wipe it off.
the triangle should be pasted right on the hole for better grip.
make sure it is clean and dry before patching the hole with this sticker.


tube can be used again.

wrap it back nicely in a plastic and it can be used again for your training rides=)

hope it helps=)

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