Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 55 & 56 : 4 Years Old Kid will tell u what is IRONMAN

Monday's tea break.

invited 2 guests to my house for durian.

Durian Udang Merah

Durian D14. thick flesh

Durian Raja Kunyit.
the best of all. is also this year's award winning durian.

Live life to the fullest.
i paid a little extra for extremely good durian, every type has got its own unique taste.

Cut my finger when the cabinet slammed on it.
Jamie and Jaspreet were here to rescue me.

Ethan came to my house and played with Jamie Jie Jie.

Ethan will tell u what Ironman is all about.

this is the cute little Ethan, I coach him swimming. He knows that i'm an Ironman, so he says he is an Ironboy. Kids are so innocent, he even mentioned my skin is made of steel.
brought back Ikan Bedukang, or may be it is Ikan Duri. i'm not very sure since they all look alike. i wanted to cook it, but i will need to kill the fish at the kitchen. letting kids see i kill and clean a fish is such a bad influence. they aren't mature enough to analyze situation, i'm afraid he will kill other animals since i killed the fish in front of him. ended up, Michael bought me super nice Thai Fried Rice and Tom Yum. oh i miss Tom Yum very much!!!

I did what I could to find my missing puzzles in life. Impossible is something. The puzzles can never be completed. time is running out.
17 more days to go.

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