Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 51 : Military and Civilian way of celebrating birthday

i simply love the supportive endurance racing community.
more and more blog posts start to blossom, each and every runner has got their own story to share=) the distance is the same grueling 42.195km, but the way we finish it is totally different.
tell u what, some of the blogs almost made me cry.

i celebrated Alvin's birthday by buying him birthday cake and sing birthday song

there is no way u can run when 30 over well trained cadets physically tough attack u and grab your limbs then place u nicely on a chair, ready to be "slaughtered".
instead of tying him up like how the military celebrate birthday ...
we made it more "civilian" manner=)
he was lucky that i didn't tie him up at the sofa=p
my friends poured me with 3 buckets of smelly stinky yucky water soaked with cigarettes and socks and all sorts of rubbish available in the dorm. however, they were kind enough to clean me by pouring tap water and left Farahi and I tied on the chair in the washroom.

Ahmad poisoned me with another love song=)

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