Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 51 & 52: Big Tree Laksa

standing at the front leading the rank holders is my youngest brother Chan Jun Kwan.
maintaining sports achievements and keeping up with academic excellence while undergoing military routine in RMC is not for an ordinary joe. as the elder brother, I feel very proud to see his accumulated success.
6 days after marathon.
no recovery plan, just eat as i wish and get ample sleep.
Michael's cooking
simple but taste good=)

watch Transformers with Michael, Jasmine and Ethan
knowing Ethan, i understand clearer how hard it was for my parents to bring up 3 of us. 3 grown up young lads will not be who we are without the support of parents, aunts & uncles and grandma. he is playful, has got impressive strength and endurance. coaching him requires extra focus and attention as this smart boy will non stop ask u questions. I would say he is a task oriented boy, when he aims for something, he goes all out.
Example : i bought 3 mechanical fishes and frog for him, if he does the drills well, he will be rewarded with one toy. knowing that he will be rewarded, he asks less questions and immediately execute my orders.

recently, i made good use of my stop watch to time him changing clothes, putting cup into the sink. Basically i made everything time oriented. he likes to be competitive, so he will sprint all the way to the sink to send the cup, get change very quickly and so on. he finds fun in it=)
he is a bit naughty lately, so every time he comes and bugging me i will ignore his words. till he agreed with my deal with him, i start playing to him again.

Rule No 1 : Do not use your strength to hurt people
Rule No 2 : Do not talk rudely with parents
Dry Hokkien Mee
Snakes love to sleep and day dream in class=p
Jamie rather kiss Chu Pat Kai than Taylor LautnerBlessed with many good things and nice people
expression of getting to eat Penang Laksa
Mama told me to introduce this Big Tree Laksa to Jamie, finally we got the chance to try.
went to 2 stalls, she finished 2 bowls, licked till the very last drop of the laksa soup. that was scary=p
feel like a goat.. embeeeekk...
Pegaga tasted very raw natural and grassy...
final meal.

Friendster is a real fucker. They probably have no idea how precious those messages I kept in my inbox for 6 damn years! my whole teenage story is in my inbox! those messages which i sneaked out from RMC to reply, and all my feelings and important incidents, all inside. what the fuck u deleted all my messages and blog, replaced it with stupid avatar!!!
I'm extremely pissed off!!!

friendster don't deserve to be the top social network at all! idiot!

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