Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 50 : 22 days counting down

4th day rest after marathon, i already resumed my normal routine.
the speed demon is poisoning me to go on treadmill and run fast again, but the conscious mind is telling me to be patient to allow body have ample rest. watched some swim videos before coming back, it is actually a distraction for me so that i feel like swimming rather than running.
swam for about 20minutes non stop steady pace. my very first time here swimming non stop for 20 minutes.

sharp 22 days from now, i will be leaving Penang.
like it or not, i have surrendered my life to the armed forces.
military is a life and not just a career.

had dinner with Jasmine and Josephine. simple but nice.

Bleeding toe bleeding love
thinking of buying new running shoes which fit me better, wait for my internship allowance to come. new balance is topping the list=)

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