Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 48&49 : Alvin's Birthday

Day 48

among all the 3 log books, UPNM's log book is the thinnest and most expensive one.
what the hell

Day 49
I marked today's date in my calendar, because today is my landlord Alvin's birthday=)
he showed me his speed trap saman, i accidentally saw his IC number. being a little observant is what we are trained for in the military. i went out during lunch time with my nice friend to get Alvin and Jaspreet's birthday cake=) then had super delicious claypot chicken rice at ambassaders.
my jersey with my Chinese name on it.
had briefing for the Penang Betong ride, most of the riders in the hall i don't know them. however, i got to meet the legendary Alan Tan and Dr Lim=) Jin Aik was the one who got me into this ride, the registration was closed when i contacted him.
next to Penang Chinese Town Hall
1000 places in Penang to see before u die
Francis Light

went to my friend's house to collect birthday cake, then we waited outside the house.
called Josephine(Alvin's girlfriend) to make sure she Facetime with Alvin before we come in, so that she could see the whole scene=) it was really frustrating when it took so long to get them both connected. being far and away from Alvin, this is the best way i can help them. we put his IPhone on my lap top so that she can see us eating and Alvin blowing candles.

we went in, he was shirtless and i sang him birthday song. it was really funny when i put the cake on top of the table and wanted to take his half naked picture with the birthday cake, he quickly ran into the room and put his shirt on=p
Juices sponsored by Michael and Jasmine=) i didn't have dinner coz i wanted to be home on time, so they bought me mee goreng for dinner=)

things which happen only once a year, once in life, i will do my best to grab it all.

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