Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 45&46: Marathon Recovery

Race Result

not sure of the ranking no 60 is overall or category.
if that's my category ranking, i will be so disappointed. i will definitely buck up.

i'm satisfied with my running posture.
not perfect but good enough for now.
my previous 3hours50mins marathon, i did it with heavy heel strike and ended up couldn't walk for a week. good running posture is important to avoid injury, this year with better running posture i can recover faster. today, 2 days after marathon i can walk as usual =)

i came back with mild shoulder soreness, no back pain, left shin pain, and ankles and knees pain.
2 days later everything gone except for shoulder and hamstring soreness.

i have a dirty little secret to share=p
during marathon i normally feel extremely hungry especially at kilometer 30, this year i carried Sneakers in my trishort and bite bit by bit every now and then. i checked the calorie and sodium level of a few chocolate bars and Sneakers is the best choice. i ate half of it only, it really helps to fill my stomach=)

Marathon Personal Best

my favorite food Otak-otak for dinner.
Ice Papo Milk

KL people call it Prawn Mee, Northern People call it Hokkien Mee.

i slept 10 hours yesterday, strictly no running to let my muscles rest.
went to coach Ethan swimming, at the same time dip my lower body in the cool baby pool to improve recovery. will fill my stomach with more protein and carbohydrate to rebuild my muscles. time to pamper myself with good food=) massage is too expensive for me, i'll just do some simple stretching or aqua jogger and spend more time on the bed.

new routine
sleep-eat-sleep-eat-stretch-aqua jogger-talk-sleep


Anonymous said...

congrats to you Chan ! not only you are getting stronger, your mental strength and patience is the one that 1 absolutely respect. take it 1 a time to enjoy the fruits of labour. two thumbs up for you and keep on going.

and thank you for the SMS for my ultra. i truly appreciate it.

kak Julie

Chan Jun Shen said...

Kak Julie, i will do the ultra one fine day. then i will understand the pain u had last weekend=) haha.