Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 47: Coaching Young Runner

could walk as usual to my work place.
thanks to all my family and friends who prayed for my success in the marathon.
my speedy recovery really surprised me=) went swimming and did 5 minutes of aqua jogger.

before swimming, fixed a neighbor's bike. bought a tube from a bike shop near chai leng park and changed for him. i was about to leave my car and i saw a blue uniform fella writing saman=p haha. saw a man trying to slow talk with him=p i quickly drove to the other side to avoid him.

after swimming...
whole bunch of kids came to me asking me to swim with them. they're all very enthusiastic, so eager to learn swimming and running. i was very tired, and bored, and lonely. not in the mood to talk much, felt bad for not swimming with them.
one indian boy said he wants to run like me, so i asked him to test him on treadmill.

i told him to run on treadmill, gradually i increase the pace.
he suffered from stitches after level 8. i slowed down to pace 5, then i taught him how to breathe.
within a minute he felt fresh again "Hey, u can become doctor la!"
we continued with faster pace till he was tired. i showed him my 6 packs and he wanted to learn how to get it. honestly i don't build muscles, i train my muscles for speed and i got 6 packs from the trainings.

he is always excited to see me, bugging me to teach him.
i feel very bad every time when i have to reject. i do need some time for myself.
when i first started endurance racing blindly, no body taught me about swim bike run. i learned from reading and talking to experienced athletes. i will try to spend time coaching him swim and run, as a contribution to the endurance racing community. as i said before, i was inspired by many great athletes along my way, its time to give back.

my plan:
correct his running posture and tell him what shoes to buy.
do some endurance running.
then speed work.

i will do my best, to coach him... make him a good runner... share my knowledge with him...
i'm not a very humble person, but i know where i stand. i talk only things that i'm capable of doing. i walk my talk, mean what i say.
loneliest dinner ever in seaview... no body was at home.
maggie with egg.

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