Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 42, 43&44: Marathon my wake up call

couldn't recall when was the last time i took LRT.
took a bus back to KL on Friday after i had a wonderful porridge dinner. Michael sent me to the bus stop. my bus arrived at puduraya around 6am, took a train back to my house then walked home.
Grandma sewed my recycled shopping bag
i went straight to my grandma's house, she was so happy to see me. she never fails to ask about girls every time i see her. my aunt came and lectured me the whole morning. its for my own good though. she has been giving me all the advices and telling how much my family love me and told me to avoid doing all the extreme stuff..
slept at dataran merdeka. the mosquitoes kept kissing me whole night, how am i gonna sleep!? i was telling aiman why not i take out a cup of my blood and let them just suck it from there instead of being attacked whole night long.
we changed 4 places before settled down under the refreshment tent with fan.

woke up 0330H
saw a very soothing sms from a very nice friend=)
not feeling the punch on my chest, probably today is not my day.
first few kilometers i overtook all the pacers including all the 3Hours30mins ones.
4th kilometer i ran with this guy wearing the Jason Mraz hat and GPS fastened to his left arm. i paced him for about 10km, felt comfortable with his pace. he slowly increased the pace and i didn't want to let him go, i didn't slow down despite feeling the heart rate entering zone 5.

kilometer 17.
i was dropped out from the group of runners. and i saw old runners one by one ran pass me.
my initial plan, run easy pace before 21km then i will see if i can go faster. now i realized Oops i did another stupid mistake again. being over zealous over confident brought me to another disaster.
as time passes by, my 3.15 dream very slowly starting to fade. now i see the impossible.

kilometer 21.
even after struggling for 3kms, my pace was 3 hours marathon pace. now we all see stupidity in a non virgin marathoner. that pace was obviously too fast for me!
recently Jamie has been saying "orang tamak selalu rugi", i think that's one of the few peribahasa that she remembers.
Chan Jun Shen just did another no-brainer-would-have-done mistake.
the fact that i did only 2 times of 10km on the road didn't stop me from being ambitious.

orang tamak selalu rugi
greedy people will always lose

both pacers Lionel and Rodzi running with blue balloon overtook me.
i sustained their pace for 30mins, then i see the balloon became smaller and smaller, then disappeared. my shin hurt like crazy, i pulled down both compression calf guard and showered at every water station to cool my core temperature. i'm in damage control mode. i always day dream when doing long distance, but not today.

today is a nightmareathon

I felt like Mr Marathon just slapped me in the face so hard, giving me a very mean wake up call.
wake up, stop being too ambitious and over confident. i get to know myself better in this grueling race, in a very hard way though. i'm like an immature boy dreaming to fly sky high.

i wasn't enjoying the race at all. in pain and felt like quitting, i was thinking of Kak Julie who is doing 100km ultramarathon in singapore. the pain she has to bare is anytime worse than what i'm having, she did it for charity. what an inspiring figure in our endurance racing community.

Full Marathon 3 hours 38mins my new personal best.
12minutes faster than my previous marathon.
picture grabbed from his blog
Micheal Gan, OP Sofian and I
OP Sofian did half marathon as he will be doing the full one in gold coast.

there're so much to be learned in endurance racing. i felt so calm and peaceful after the race, as if i've dropped all the worries and burden on the race course. in pain, tired and lethargic... but after one day rest, i don't mind signing up for another marathon=p haha
was limping all the way up to Jun Kwan's bunk at the 3rd floor of RMC.
this year will be Jun Kwan's last year, so i must come to see his bunk for the very last time. certain things in life, happen only once. pushed aside the pain and tired, i made it to his bunk.
SUO's locker. showing a very good example to the juniors.

Staff Meor was my instructor and he has seen all the 3 of us grown up in RMC.
he reminded me to take care of my legs to secure better future in the armed forces.
Papa and Mama sent me to Jalan Duta to get my ticket.
being weak and sleepy, they treated me like a VIP.
tired marathon legs finally get to rest. on my way to Buttterworth.

the bus Super Nice was really horrible. since i'm lazy to tell the whole story, i'll just advice u guys not to take this bus. i guarantee u will regret.

Michael fetched me from the R&R after Autocity. saw Jasmine and Ethan in the car with their heart warming smile. i was walking like an old man, so they accompanied me to my house and even bought McD for me to eat. they are very very nice to me.
before dozing off, another guest came and visited me. woohoo=p

long and tiring day. everybody including Alvin laughed at me for walking like an old man.

no body said marathon was easy


Stupe said...

Bro - you are definately being too hard on yourself. Life is still young for you. Push yes, but always look out for yourself.

You are doing great. Much better than many i know and even myself at your age now.

You have supportive parents, great siblings and have chains of relatives that support what you do.

Take a good rest and see you soon. I will be up in Penang in a week's time or two. :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Well said OP Stupe

OP Chan u r doing great

Did u really slept at Dataran before the run? Real military style

K3vski said...

I agree with Stupe, you are still young. If you want to be doing this until you are passed your 50s, you need to step back sometimes. I'm taking a break from standalone marathons for the time being too.

Well done on your PB! A PB is still a PB. It is a continuous learning process, even for the world class professionals. So continue to enjoy the sport!

Chan Jun Shen said...

OP Stupe, i'll remember yr words and not to push myself too hard=) let me know when u are coming, this weekend i'll be riding with the Penang Weekend Warriors to Betong.
OP Sofian, RMC taught me to be tough and versatile, can sleep anywhere.
Kevin, in a year there're only 2 marathons so i wouldn't want to waste my opportunity to test myself. i would love to race till old like Sofian=)

Dancing Ciken said...

i'm speechless for this young OP! such a talented good boy!

well done!

Chan Jun Shen said...

thanks for the compliment Kak=) will push myself to the limit and keep improving=)