Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 41: Fulfilling Temptations

Durian Isi Merah, Udang Merah, and Mix. durian picture PhotoShopped.
a very big TQ for the government for paying me few days early.
now we get to fulfill our temptation no 1, Durian.
the face before getting durian. adjusted the lightning effect of this picture.
3 packets for 25 ringgit.
all the 3 has got its own unique taste.
Taufufa, she wanted it days ago. now fulfilled.
Duck Rice at Chai Leng Park.
could have been better if they serve it with soup.
smelled super tempting fried chicken while having dinner, this is the only food that I must resist by all mean. super high calorie will definitely not my food of choice, so sinful to my body and its gonna kill me during the marathon. i totally dislike oily food. my delicious dinner was healthy, low calorie, and balanced. all for my marathon.

42km is not a fun race. without plan and training, it will turn disaster.

went to temple before dinner. donated a bit as i feel very grateful for getting early pay.
today, marked a very good start of attitude change. not me.

after dinner, met Ethan for a short while. had nangka in his house, and short chat with Jasmine and Michael before went up to sky lounge to release the 2 fishes i bought for Ethan. to my surprise, Ethan invited a "stranger jie jie" to his house=p

sweet and sour, too tiny to be shared.

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