Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 40: Caught by Police

port area strictly no fishing
bought 3 ringgit of tiny prawns as our new bait. i just changed the string to a 30lbs one, and attached 2 bigger hooks expecting big fish to bite. no more small fish angling. every time i dropped the bait to the muddy seabed, i felt very strong fish pulling the bait. the free gift calender i got from the angler's shop is proven to be effective. just when i was so excited feeling the pulling motion, i saw a familiar white van coming to our direction.

it's the port police. same guy, same face, same car.
he came down with anger and scolded me. the worst part was, he recognized me.
he said i'm very stubborn and ignore all his warnings, and told me to follow him to the police office. it didn't scare me at all honestly. i talked to him nicely, kept apologizing and begging him for another chance. I do understand he is just doing his job.

that area is full of fishes. so tempting.
at least i get to feel the fish biting my prawn rather than throwing strings into the deep sea without any response. it's just like SMSing and get no reply. so the next time when i don't get sms reply i shall come to the sea.

found this place near seaview. 20 bucks per person for fishing trip to the sea.
Mahesh and Mat Pi left early, so i went around to look for new fishing spot.
i had this homemade egg noodle in my mind.
i even thought of the nutrient in it, low calorie, rich in protein, healthy. the very best choice of food for marathon preparation. but it was closed.
topping the food chart is of course the duck rice.
every time after taking duck. be it rice or noodles, i feel very energetic and do better on treadmill. i'm really curious about it.
i lasted about 40 minutes on treadmill and did some intervals. most of the time running at speed 13. i lasted long on treadmill mainly because Jaspreet was next to me running. She is really funny, her jokes are all so spontaneous and real. she could run on a treadmill for more than 40 minutes! isn't that a mental torture? 40 minutes is just too long for me if i were to run alone.

Marathon in less than 5 days. not in the mood for running fast YET.
when i stand on the starting line and not getting the strong punching heart beat, it will not be my best performance on that day.

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