Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 39: Damage Control

was at Chai Leng park to get some fishing gears, got my string replaced with a stronger 15kg ones.
walked to my car and saw a yellow flyer on my windscreen.
my goodness, it's a SAMAN!
that was my very first summon for not displaying coupon on the dashboard. it was 1 minute before i came out of the shop. argh!

20 minutes on treadmill easy pace.
surprisingly i didn't feel hungry at all after exercise. had soya bean as dinner at sky lounge, and a great company too. probably that's the reason why i wasn't hungry=)
currently in damage control mode, trying to minimize the damage of my fading spirit for marathon. the goal to clock 3.15 seems to be impossible already, its all me to be blamed for not being consistent in training. However, i have no regrets at all. I am having a great time in Penang, the happiest carefree moment in my life. Me being ambitious wanted to break my personal best by 35 minutes is really a crazy goal. I've done what i could to keep myself in great form in this very last minute. now in damage control mode.

my very last morale and motivation injection will be this Friday.
i'm very sure it'll help=)

damage control mode...

awal tahun megah berkata,
3jam 15 mesti tercapai,
sudah nyata usah dikata,
impian hampir takkan digapai.

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