Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 25: Fat Loading

whole day at work with my whole body ache especially my legs.
hamstring feeling very tight and sore after 2 days of over zealous training.
i desperately need massage. but i cannot afford to spend so much, my only way is to self healing and do simple recovery exercises. less than 20 days to Marathon, the very last thing i want is to get injured. this will be one of the biggest event of the year and I registered very early to ensure my commitment in this game.


staying in this super comfortable butterworth and having very nice company is a serious distraction for me to train competitively for this event. 4 months back before i registered, imagining myself crossing the finishing line by 3.15 will make my legs feel warm and heart start punching my chest. now i'm losing the steam, demotivated and lazying around. now i start to ask myself whether 3hours 15 minutes is logical for me to achieve. this random goal simply is really giving me pain.

but i never stopped training. I do consistently run on treadmill.
today did a little bit of strength training in the gym and swam few laps.
crossed the pool with 6 strokes of breast stroke. my personal best so far=)
ah, yesterday i saw seaview's dolphin. to my disappointment, i saw his weak point. he is no where near compare to my junior Lim Shimri.

my dinner. 2 bowls of Bak Kut Teh and 2 bowls of rice.
Alvin introduced me to this place. meal for 2 person RM 44. it was really good=)
more of a fat loading session than carbo loading. Alvin even told me that i'll die early if i eat this everyday. he was shocked to see what i'm capable to eat despite my tiny body.

choices of teas.

I've been watching this video many times to gain back my momentum in endurance racing. sigh.
i don't feel like i'm the highly motivated and over confident Chan Jun Shen anymore.
Please come back IRONMAN CHAN JUN SHEN!
Ignite your engine and start running with all your heart and soul!

raised my voice a little bit at work place and my friend thought i scolded him.
mate, i can be more harsh than that. by the way, my bad for talking to civilians like that. to all my military friends, can u guys please don't call me and ask any questions regarding military issues? please let me have a peaceful internship as i'm not in good mood especially this few days?
unless, it is REALLY that important.
Thanks a million for your cooperation.

words from Micheal:
life is like the delicious sweet sour fish. just sweet alone wouldn't make it nice, u need a little bit of sour to make it tastes good. so don't worry about the sad ones.

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i'm missing out something in life.

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