Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 24: Bridging the gap

woke up late to work today. luckily made it on time.

Not much time left in Penang. Appreciate it by sharing love with people who cares for u.
Ethan has been telling me how much he loves fish. this morning i got to know that he is having fever. I'm gonna give him surprise when i got back.
bought him 3 Ikan Patin and a packet of small fish.
i told him "Ethan, after one year, the fish will grow as big as u. then u will call me and tell me u ate it a year later=)"
innocent him never stopped asking me how big can the fish grow and where i bought it from. he even secretly whispered to my ear telling me to buy him bigger one next time because he didn't want his parents to know that he asked me for the big fish.

we released all the 3 fishes in the pool at sky lounge before having dinner at Chai Leng park. for 3 continuous day I've been seeing Ethan, he seems to be very happy to see me. he will be sitting on my lap at the front seat every time we travel to places.
he always grabs my arm and say "Chan gor gor will be my seat belt"
despite his fever, he remains active and playful as usual. I'm now Jasmine's lab mice, been doing lots of tests for her brain gym thing. looks interesting though=)

bumped into Gee Yang in the elevator when on my way up to sky lounge with Jasmine, Micheal and Ethan.

road to Marathon.
Ethan and I.
my tiniest, smallest, youngest, cutest, smartest friend in seaview=)
Bridging the gap of age, culture, race, generation, and lifestyle.

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Horizon Kids said...

you are awesome Chan

aisyumai said...

whats with the code jun shen.. "my time is running out, hope my absence make you feel better" =p

Chan Jun Shen said...

Ethan,thanks for the compliment=)u are a smart boy too=)

aisyumai, are u salboo?=)

aisyumai said...

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