Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 21: whole day with Ethan

whole day with Ethan. plan to leave penang has been cancelled and money will be saved for other trips.
breakfasts at Ethan's house
paratrooper gonna be?

i was brought to the private school ran by them and lunch at 7 village sponsored by Ethan's parents. very nice of them=) we went to watch Kung Fu Panda and played games in the arcade.
this restaurant we had dinner is on my cycling track. i mentioned to Alvin about the restaurant and one fine day i must come. after dinner, Micheal and Jasmine brought me there.
that was surprise number 1.
surprise number 2, Micheal ordered siakap 3 rasa which i wanted to order but i didn't voice out.
as if he could read my mind.
really fresh seafood.
forgot to snap photos. it was a splendid dinner. really.
very spicy and delicious black pepper crab.
been talking to them whole day and gained some very useful advice based on their life experiences. it was a joyful but a little tiring day. thank u very much for the very nice hospitality=)

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carelesswhisper said...

hey, where's ur internship?

yong le said...

be the sugar,don't be the ant.