Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 20: Mounting Extra Bottle Cage

having problem to mount extra bottle cage on your extra small size road bike?
the geometry of my bike doesn't allow me to mount both bottle cages on my seat tube and down tube. so, its time to decide. I've read a few articles regarding aerodynamic can be improved by having bottle on the seat tube, but that's just a little not convenient for me to grab my bottle while cycling. I'll just remain with the down tube bottle cage.

refueling in long distance riding is a crucial aspect which affects rider's performance.
i normally ride with 2 bottles of 500ml for distance below 120km. this can be subjective especially when come to hot weather like World's Hottest Ironman Triathlon - the infamous Langkawi Island.

as a student pursuing engineering, i need to control my expenses and not to splurge on my bike.
at the same time, i'm very concern about weight I have to carry especially when come to climbing route. went to bike shops and the Profile Design double bottle cage seat post mount is a bit too heavy i think. the X Lab full carbon version would be nice, but nothing comes free in life, u gotta pay for the price of its light weight.

how to mount extra bottle cage
here is my solution. just need a few cable ties and a PLASTIC bottle cage.
i'll tell u why PLASTIC...

Bottle Cage RM25
Cable Ties - Free (asked from a car mechanic.)

compare to Aero Bottle - Aero Bottle RM100, Bottle Bracket RM 110
I tied it up on my aero bar just like this.
when hitting bumps, some bottle cages will just launch the whole bottle like rocket launcher.
I solved the problem by tying another cable tie to make it tighter. not to tight though.
Plastic is relatively flexible compare to aluminium cages, by having cable tie tightening your bottle cage, the force required to snap in your bottles is just comfortable, not too hard and not too loose.
I get aero dynamic, and i get to refuel as well.
the best part is, i can just ditch the water bottle anytime i wish especially when come to Ironman where they provide water bottles in each station. if u are using Aero Bottle, u can't throw your bottle away. Furthermore, reducing weight at the frontal part of the bike will bring your center of gravity slightly to the back, making u "wheely". that helps when climbing.
Left my handphone at home. it took me 27 mins plus to get mt handphone and got back to work.
my supervisor Mr Bala came to my power plant today, he seems to be quite happy with my performance.
I recooked yesterday's Tom Yum, but today with major modification.
replaced yesterday's onion with yellow onion, and i put a lot!=p that's the reason why the soup is a bit thicker. coz i remember i had sup bawang in a hotel and it tasted so good.
more lime, added vinegar too. boiled the tomatoes until all disappeared.
it tasted like Malay tom yum, inspired by NZ Curry House.

the best part is, I didn't use any Tom Yum paste. this is so original=p
this meal for 1 and a half person costs less than 10 bucks with lots of prawns and 2 chicken ribs.
I had a person's portion and Jamie had very little only. that's why one and a half=p

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K3vski said...

Berry scent is addictive?

I'm still using the old school bottle cage at the bottom of the top tube, no place to fit on the headset!

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

just fit it on your aero bar just like how i did=)