Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 19: Credits to the Chief cook

Alvin's kitchen.
who say guy's house cannot be tidy. probably a lot tidier than many girls' room.

the Boss.
morning, sms-ed Alvin and asked him to don't go dinner. we'll cook for him.
picked her up after class, went to Giant and Econsave.
she : "do u know that i talk to yr mum from time to time?"
me : "huh??" i was shocked.
she : "don't u know that she has my number and we talk quite often, yr mum cares abt u...??"
me : "WHAT?!!!"

what a mischievous trick. okay my mum please take note. she likes to trick me with yr name.
today's main menu will be Tom Yum. she brought a pack of "tom yum" which i didn't see any tom yum paste but chili, lemon grass, daun limau purut, and few others which i don't remember.
SHE was the Chief. the credits or failure, all go to her first. i was more of a cheering party.

saw these cute little octopus in Econsave, costs only 2 ringgit. home cooking saves a lot.

Dentist in the kitchen
after adding the cooking paste. all the main ingredients are from Thailand, but the end product tastes like home tom yum.
cook with her own creativity
marinated with sesame oil, honey, alcohol, soy sauce and whatever available in the kitchen.
not very successful, i'll try to make a better one.
the prawn from Econsave is quite fresh

kept him waiting for 2 hours, and cooked spicy food for him.
he has gastric. felt bad for being inconsiderate.
the Chief Cook admiring her own creation before tasting it=p
the dinner brighten up my day.
less than 2 months left.

Joanne asked if i'll miss this place. that's for sure. since day one i arrived Penang, no body has EVER scolded me or even raised their voice when talking to me. i told her, in the military every single day i get scolding from the instructors. in power plant, once we are done with our tasks, that's it. on the other hand, instructors will never want to let us free.

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