Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 18: Reminder

at the power plant, whole day i kept thinking what is best for me right now.
i'm no longer in competition mode, nor in comfort mode.

so i went to koperasi tentera. a few special forces, commandos, paratroopers were there.
i saw a crew cut head guy glared at me, felt uneasy at first probably i'm now in civilian mode. within seconds, i stared back at him and took out my IC. may be he identified that i'm an officer, then he looked down. don't give me that kind of glare, i'm also a military man.

it reminds me that i'm a military personnel.

at my work place, i was telling my friends what happened in koperasi tentera. suddenly one contractor walked pass us and i looked at him, immediately he looked on the floor and walked away.
friends were like "why u stare at him?"
"hey i didn't stare la.." i said.
"u did! next time smile and nod la. "

anyway, i'm not a bad guy. my military look might sometimes unintentionally appear, i'm sorry for that. not in the mood to smile anyway, neither do i wanna fake a vendetta's smile, so not sincere.

was talking on the phone for short while and Ethan saw me at the car park. he could recognized me although i cut my hair short. i bought him a toy, so i invited him over to my room. he likes my room very much "hey Chan, u have a very nice bed"
"u wanna sleep here?" i asked
he nodded...

cute little 4 years old boy learning swimming, piano, golf and squash.
he is just brilliant. when i was 4 years old, i know nothing about sports and i just fool around.

Ethan with my Oakley Radar and his new toy=)
i'm a military man, but i can be kind to people. but most people judge me by my outlook.
i went to his house later on. before i left, he pulled my arm begging me to sleep with him. haha.
i asked him, "squash, golf, piano and swimming. which one u love most?"
"swimming is the best!" he said. i told him the next swim lesson will be cancelled.

my two weeks here has totally changed, not as what i expected.
i'll cherish the sweet memories.

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india'mike lima echo alpha victor india november golf.

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