Monday, May 2, 2011

Invading Human Mind

Human mind is designed to be kept busy by thinking of solutions for daily problems.
solving crisis involving critical thinking is what the mind eager to do.

In peace time, human will look for minor crisis to be solved.
else, they will create one for themselves to solve...

as a leader, keep your men busy rather than letting them trouble u by creating crisis.
keep occupying their mind with tasks and critical thinking.
once a while, spark up minor problems and let them play with it.
the leader is indirectly manipulating his men's mind.

a whole big team can be united by creating a common enemy.
existence of enemy creates crisis, crisis occupies human mind, critical thinking is required, then problems solved. this cycle has to go on and on to keep the organization running.
problems solved will result in greater commitment and enthusiasm among men, sense of satisfaction and achievement. Lastly, the rapport will be much stronger than before.

-Chan Jun Shen, Alumni of Royal Military College. SERVE TO LEAD-

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