Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

to all mothers in the front row, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY =)
from right : my mum, grandma, Kuku (aunt), and Lai Ku (aunt)

all the 4 mothers in my family contributed to the harmony of this family.

Lets start from the senior most:

my Grandma
i was a pathetic little kid struggling to score good grades in UPSR. every time i will surely whine and make noise when i HAVE to study.the very famous quote of her:

"Ah Shen aaaaa, don't worry, this is just an obstacle in life, once u pass this one, there will be no more...."

as i grow up, i just realized how fake that quote was. so many obstacles in life! being young and naive, that quote did comfort me and made me study and give my very best shot to cross that so called "one and only obstacle in life"
parents weren't around as my father went to Rhode Island for staff college, so Kuku and Grandma looked after 3 of us. not an easy task to handle REALLY naughty kids. however, both never failed to shower us with love. now that i'm riding a 7k Polygon Helios, i shall never forget how i used to fell into the drain together with her bike when i was learning to cycle during standard 5.

2nd most senior, my mum Lau Bee Looi
she killed a king cobra when expecting her first child, me. the best part was, with knife. that's just like military martial arts where we learned attack and counter attack using bayonet.
mak aku tak payah blaja TTS pun boleh pancung ular tedung=p
a very good example that mother will do what it takes to protect her children. she is a very responsible mother, try to provide the very best for the kids. when we're sick, she is just a very sweet caring nurse, not even once we will be scolded, how nice is that. when we are healthy, here comes the regimental military routine=p as the saying goes, all mother nags because they care very much for the family. but for my case, my instructors nag and yell and shout and curse EVERY DAY oh my god! it is just another silent hope in me to stay home peacefully like an asylum. one question here, don't u think RSM can be good mother since they nag so much?=p

3rd most senior, my aunt (elder)
she is like another guardian angel in the family. 2 years in Alor Setar, 3 of us were like little devils destroying everything we touch. however, she hardly raises her voice. i spoiled her door lock which cost hundred over ringgit when she was conducting tuition class. i was in the class for free tuition since i'm her nephew, my itchy hands went and played with the door knob, and finally locked the whole class in the room=p haha! she is not my mum, but she treated us like her own kids. i just think she is very very noble for willing to nurture us. i was from SJK (C) Lai Meng, got kicked from 2nd class to the 2nd last class. i punched my classmates when they blocked my way when i was chasing another fella. YES, i did punch my classmates, A FEW times!
from zero to hero, i was "2nd last class" type of student. the first test in Alor Setar, i shocked the whole school by scoring above 90 for all subjects! haha. all thanks to my aunt's patience and determination. she didn't give up on me! i scored straight A's in UPSR, all thanks to her.

she was single when we stayed with her, bringing 3 naughty kids everywhere she goes just killed all her chances to date with a guy. the Buddhists believe in Karma, is just like Newton's 3rd law Action Reaction. she got married with a financially strong, and loving engineer. i think that's a good blessing for all her good deeds. the 2 meaningful years in Alor Star has become a colorful part of my life, and i'm deeply touched for all her sacrifices. needless to say, if i were to write down all the bad stuff i did through out the 2 years, i need days to write all down. BUT, she hardly raises her voice...

Lastly, my aunt
we stay close to each other, most of the time when we need help especially when parents aren't around, she will be the one who offers help. when we were little, both aunts will share money to buy us new year clothes. all 3 sets are the same, it'll be exactly like uniform. her 2 little kids are just so cute that we will always visit and play with them. one thing not to miss, me and her have common interest in hot and spicy food! we love seafood very much! it is just nice to have somebody in the family who shares the same favorite food. seeing her bringing up my 2 naughty cousin brothers reflects how tough it is to be a good mother.

to all mothers on earth, HAPPY MOTHER's DAY=)

just came back from 11km easy run. climbed up the super steep Bukit Besi this morning. it's a very productive Saturday morning! =)

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Jamie Ng said...

Very descriptive =)
You have a very happy family, so pure and loving. You're a very nice person yourself, I see where the quality comes from. It runs in the family. =)