Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 17: Wish number 4

plating seeds are like wishes i've made in Kek Lok Si.
not all will grow, many will eventually die.

those failed to be fulfilled, it doesn't matter.
appreciate those have been fulfilled.

i left 50 bucks in my wallet, and very little in my savings.
just now Ethan's mother paid me. wish no 4 has been fulfilled. LUCK.
it was supposed to be my little side income for coaching swimming, now become so important for me to survive till end of the month. Lucky me. I've been surprised with many good lucks this month.
i do feel grateful.

one by one of my wishes on the ribbon have been answered. coincidence may be?

filled in Malakoff's form for allowance, hope to get it soon=)
went gym before swim class. i can feel the ego in gym where most guys went there to build up biceps and strong muscular upper body, lifting up all the heavy loads. civilians are not that crazy in gym though compared to upnm cadets.
seaview's gym has become a place for me to self talk. running on the treadmill is actually mentally torturing, i will somehow self talk when i get mentally tortured.
self talk can be destructive.

cooked lonely man's noodle for dinner. hopefully i don't get gastric anymore after this.

making important decisions is like firing a 5.56mm bullet.
the moment u pulled the trigger, explosion push bullet head all the way out the barrel, striking the target without any mercy and consideration. even if it strikes the wrong one.
bullets got no brain, it is the shooter's responsibility.

miracles do happen, your bullet might jam in the barrel no matter how well u clean the gun.
its in God's hand, and your tiny finger pulling the trigger can never guarantee the strike.

I've just fired mine yesterday.

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Muhammad Amirul Hafiz said...

"this is really not easy. finally it ends like how it started."


OP Chan Jun Shen said...

panjang kisahnya amirul... kang la ada masa aku citer=)