Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 17: Stubborn me

Botanical Garden Floral Exhibition
Life is not bed full of roses.

living in a complete civilian community, casual and relaxing routine, the body is just not used to it. every night I'll have problem to sleep. no matter how hard i push myself on the 13km Time Trial every evening, it is just not enough to make this body tired. From today onwards all TT will be canceled and replaced with explosive sprinting drills.

Last night.
i let go everything and returned all the stuff to the respectful originator.
I was the owner of few pieces of paper and a box.

In the pursuit of the title Ironman... it's not the physically strongest man who will make it to the finishing line, but the mentally tough racers, unwilling to give up... keep stroking pedaling striding... all the way to the finishing line, despite in pain.

Last night I slept very early. made up my mind.
This morning i woke up, I told myself to not stop.
Last night not feeling well, wanted to freeze this blog.
This morning resume everything.

the down side of being a
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2nd time racing Ironman, i spat out blood. but i didn't stop running. finally i crossed the line, broke the university's record by 3 minutes.
stubborn stupid fool, i could have asked for medical assistance and quit the race.

unless i break down, i will do what it takes to cross the line.
Ironman has changed me, left its permanent mark in my life.

is there a way to undo Ironman?

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