Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 16: Dear Readers

did a super slow night ride on the highway. it was crawling speed.
my tire rolled without me pedaling. i was too weak to cycle anyway.
i was cycling at 10km/h most of the time. was looking at every single pot holes on the road.
that's Kek Lok Si i supposed.
thanks for fulfilling my wishes. 2 ribbons have been replied.
my wishes.

at the traffic light, i saw green light blinking. my instinct took control over my body, sprinted 56km/h. it didn't last long, as i felt sharp pain in my stomach. gastric i guess. all of a sudden get gastric.
gears were not properly aligned, i couldn't go maximum speed, couldn't drop to the highest gear.

Dear readers, i sincerely appreciate your support and time spent to read this blog.
am very happy to see few hundred hits in a day=)
this blog will be undergoing some serious maintenance.
kesulitan amat dikesali.

till we meet again=)
may u be well and happy

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