Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 16: Lorong Selamat Power Bar

100km ride
woke up at 5.45pm, alarm rang for 15 minutes and I just felt so reluctant to wake up.
had a quick shower, put on my old UPNM jersey and Descente Trishort.
reached the jetty at around 7am, so i have 30 minutes cushion to get to Gurney Drive.
i missed the junction at YMCA, and stopped at Hospital Pulau Pinang.
Jin Aik called and said "u just stop there, don't move, i come and get u"

he sounded like a superman saving Louis Lane. he is such a nice guy. alright, one of my ribbon i hanged in Kek Lok Si has been fulfilled. I have many nice people supporting me. he introduced me to the riders, mostly triathletes. the very first attack was launched, and i simply love it!=)
triathletes are crazy people anyway, they like pain.

saw the starting of the climb at the dam area, my favorite. I'm gonna punch it hard. rode uphill at 20km/h, remain seated. I will stand only to stretch my muscles. Remaining seated will allow my hamstring and quadriceps to work together, generating higher power.
looked back many times and saw no rider.
i stopped here and timed. the 2nd rider came after 13minutes 16.60 seconds.

on my way up, a lady rider drafted me for about 1km. every time i look back she will give me that very sweet smile. the 3rd time i looked back, smiled at her. then i shifted down to high gears and attacked. Goodbye young lady, u are not gonna get my wheel. Probably she will think i'm no gentleman to pull her up the hilly climb=p
waited for other riders, was looking for Jin Aik. stopped for Hokkien Mee and i didn't see my superman Jin Aik! then he called saying he went back different direction. i felt bad coz he waited for me this morning but i didn't wait for him.

I've decided to cancel Hokkien Mee and head towards Bayan Lepas.
I asked a local to reconfirm.
the lady asked me "if u can climb hilly route u head this side, or else u go bayan lepas."
Bayan Lepas is the airport area, i expect strong head wind to test my aero position.
i saw Rapid with the sign "Balik Pulau- Jetty". it gave me a safe feeling knowing that i'm on the correct direction.
I passed all the unknown and under construction roads.
what i had in mind was "don't worry, alvin brought me here before, should be the right way"
with one spare tube in my bento box, i kept praying to not get any puncture.
Ooops i'm on Penang Bridge. just got to know that no bikes are allowed on the bridge.
the cars and motorbikes were crazily fast, many times the motorbikes passed by me by just an inch apart. cycling is a dangerous sport.

pantang maut sebelum ajal. selagi nyawa dikandung badan, selagi tu jangan berputus asa.
My Poygon 700 on Penang Bridge.
I was screaming and laughing alone on the bike when cycling on the bridge.

Police in Patrol Car starred at me but didn't stop me. Probably they see UPNM on my jersey.
I'm cadet officer of Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia!
my Power Bar and Beans are running out of stock. so my "Power Bar" for this morning was Lorong Selamat Bak Hu with Gardenia bread. my decisive attack, probably because of this.
all thanks to Alvin too for never failed to bring me around on Saturday for carbo loading meals.
so now all my curry mee, char kuew teow, pan mee, everything burnt. time to eat again.

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